Do Snakes Have Lungs? Surprising Facts on How Snakes Breathe!

Have you ever looked at your snake and wondered how do they even breathe? Have you held your snake in your hand, put your finger close to their nostrils (bad idea,btw), and wondered why you can’t actually feel any air coming out? shouldn’t they be exhaling? Don’t tell me I’m alone in doing this and … Read more

Do Snakes Have Hair? [Simply Explained]

They just seem so slick moving around and slithering, and if you have ever touched any of them, you may have not noticed any hair. Most people know very little about snakes, and it’s only normal for them to have such questions, thankfully, this one is pretty simple to answer. So, do snakes have hair? … Read more

Do Snakes Have Bones? [Pictures Included]

You see them slithering around, moving smoothly and easily on surfaces, and you think to yourself, they must not have one bone in their bodies, right? It makes sense when you think about it, but just because it doesn’t make sense from a human perspective doesn’t actually mean it’s the truth. So, what is the … Read more

Do Snakes Poop in The Same Spot? [Explained Simply]

This may seem like a strange question, but if you actually pay attention to your pet snake, you may notice that sometimes it will go to the spot to go potty, and this makes some new snake owners wonder if this is done intentionally or if it’s just random chance. Thankfully, I have a lot … Read more

Do Snakes Like Being In Cages? It’s Not What You Think…

Snakes are solitary creatures that don’t have many ways of expressing themselves, and so we don’t really know how they feel about most things. And although we can’t ask them directly, we can imagine how living your whole life in a small cage can be an unpleasant experience, or are we measuring things by human … Read more

Do Snakes Need Attention?

It’s safe to say that, as humans, we are pretty new to snake ownership. Owning a pet snake is very different from owning a pet dog or cat, or any other pet for this matter. One of the most obvious signs of difference between them is in how much attention they need. Since snakes are … Read more