Can I Take My Snake Outside in Public? Laws & Other Considerations

It’s only natural to want to take your pet snake for a walk outside. You want it to feel the sun and the air instead of being in the cage all day long. However, snakes are not your normal every-day-pet.

While people are going to be okay with you walking your dogs, they are probably going to freak out at the sight of a snake.

So, it’s only natural to ask: Can I take my snake outside in public? You can take your pet snake outside in Public. It’s legal to walk with your pet snake in most states, but you should always check your state’s specific laws. Ensure people’s safety by avoiding heavily populated places like parks, shopping malls, and busy streets. Always keep a strong hold of your snake & never take venomous snakes outside. 

There are two things to always keep in mind when you’re planning on taking your snake outside; Safety always comes first (your safety, the snake’s safety, and the community’s safety), and that safe is always better than sorry.

In this article, I’m going to answer all your questions about taking your snake outside with you and give you every thing you need to know before you take your snake for a walk, so stick around…

Can you take your Snake outside in public?

ball python on grass to answer can I take my snake outside in public

Surprisingly, you can take your snake outside in most places. You should, of course, check and follow your state laws and do whatever is needed to keep you, the snake, and the public safe.

If you follow the laws and take precautions to keep everyone safe, you can take them for a walk, but not like you would walk a dog. They are not going to be slithering on the ground on a leash by your side, because if you try to do that, they WILL get away.

You also will not be able to take them to public places like malls and parks.

You already know how people react to snakes, and you can learn how dogs react to snakes here.

Can you take your snake to a park?

You can not take a snake to the park because this will put the people and animals at the park in danger. You will also be putting the snake in danger.

You never know how the snake will react in a public space, and people are very likely to be fearful of the snake and someone is definitely going to be rude to you and ask you to leave.

Dogs are either going to be curious about the snake or downright aggressive to the snake. Most dogs will attack snakes in public as they will perceive them as threats to themselves or their owners.

Taking your snake to a park is even illegal in some states.

Can you take your snake to a school?

You can not take snakes to school with the only exemption being a ‘show and tell.’

Of course the snake you take to school for show and tell must also be docile, and non-venomous, and you must have permission from the teacher to bring it to school. Walking into the classroom with a snake – even in a cage – is not going to go well most of the time.

If you do get permission to take it to school, you must have it in a container with small air holes and this container must be strong enough not only to hold the snake in but to also protect the snake from the outside world.

Can you take your snake on a plane?

You can only transport a snake on a plane in the Cargo hold. Snakes are never allowed into the airplane cabin. Sometimes, airlines may also not agree to have the snake in the cargo hold, so you must check with them before you even get your tickets.

Can you take your pet snake to the mall?

You can take your pet snake to the mall as long as you ensure that it is in a container or bag. Make sure there are no holes and nothing to poke through, so they cannot escape from their containment.

Take precautions to prevent your snake from getting loose by keeping them close at all times and making sure not to leave them alone.

Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you, as there is always a risk that someone could take your snake if it’s left unattended for even a moment.

Where can you take your pet snake?

The most apparent location is a reptile exhibition. Because everyone is used to seeing snakes at a show, there’s no issue carrying around one there.

If you can’t prevent yourself from bringing your snake outside, the greatest place to do it is in your own yard. It isn’t in public, but it’s still outside. You’re away from anybody who might scare you, but if they do flee, they’ll be difficult to find since they’ll be hidden.

As you may expect, it’s never a good idea to take a snake with you to the park. You’ll run into individuals who don’t want to see snakes if you do. Never keep venomous snakes outside without adequate enclosure.

Should you even take your pet snake outside?

You really should not take your pet snake outside. There are not many good reasons to take your pet snake outside and it’s not worth the risk to the people outside or the snake to take the snake outside.

Reasons to take your snake outside

Here are the few reasons why you may want to take your snake outside

You Don’t want to leave your pet snake alone

You may think that it’s bad to leave your pet snake alone, but it actually isn’t.

If you leave your pet cat or dog alone, he or she will suffer. If no one is home for a few hours, some dogs and cats will destroy your furniture. Snakes are solitary creatures, so they’re ecstatic to be left alone.

Educate Others About Snakes

Fighting the misconceptions people have about snakes is a good cause. Snakes are misunderstood by people, and very few actually know about the role snakes play in the ecosystem. Snakes are quite useful to humans.

An excellent way to fight the misconceptions about snakes is to show people how pet snakes are not frightening and that people can be around snakes without being hurt.

Show Your Snake To Friends

You can also start with those closest to you. Show your friends how your pet snake is not aggressive. Of course, you should not take it out of its cage right away, but as they get to trust it and the snake gets to know and trust them, this can happen in the future.

Reasons to not take your snake outside

While there are not many reasons to take the snake outside, there are more reasons to keep your snake inside.

Ticks, Mites, and other infestations

Captive snakes are rarely infested with such parasites as mites and ticks. All snakes must be kept in individual enclosures according to proper care guidelines.

Before and after handling them, wash your hands carefully. Snakes can spread salmonella. If you expose them to the outside world but don’t have access to clean themselves, you put them at risk for contracting ticks, mites and other parasites.

Rude looks and Negative Reactions

While you know that your pet snake isn’t a danger, most others don’t. You won’t know what kind of responses you’ll receive.

To give an example, assume that you are walking in public with a snake when someone who has a phobia of snakes sees it. While it may appear to be a fantastic opportunity to learn, they will not accept it this way. They might be terrified.

Perhaps your snake would be happier in a place with less noise and unpredictable dangers. This may put pressure on the snake and even influence its well-being.

People Will Try to Grab It

There are many people who will not think twice about picking up an unprotected snake. Children can be very curious and may grab your snake before you have a chance to stop them, which could result in the child being bitten. Many parents don’t want their children around snakes, and they have the right to feel that way.

You Could Lose Your Pet Snake

It’s very easy for a snake to escape from its owner, especially if it’s not familiar with its surroundings. A snake can easily hide in tall grass or under a bush and be difficult to find again. If your pet snake does get away from you, it will be at risk for being hurt or killed.

People Could Hurt Your Pet Snake

Snakes are very sensitive creatures, and they’re not able to defend themselves effectively against other animals that may want to harm them. If your snake gets away from you while outside, people could step on the snake before realizing what’s happened. They could also hurt the snake by trying to pick it up or hold it.

Snakes are not meant for outdoor life, especially if they’re part of a captive environment. Reptiles do best in conditions where humidity can be controlled and their housing is temperature-controlled. If you take your pet snake outside, any one of these things could go wrong, and it would be very difficult to rectify the situation.

You are Stressing out the snake

Snakes are solitary creatures, and they are easily stressed out by people, animals, and places they are not familiar with. When snakes are stressed, they may refuse to eat and could become ill.

If you’re not able to provide a safe, healthy environment for your snake inside the house, it’s best not to take them outside at all. It’s really not worth the risk.

Safety Tips when taking your snake outside

If you must take your snake outside, follow these tips for safe handling:

  • Try to visit a place where there aren’t as many people and animals around.
  • Always have complete control and a strong grasp of your snake.
  • Take the same precautions that you would with other pets or small children, including keeping an eye on them at all times and making sure they cannot escape from their enclosure.
  • If you can, take your snake outside when it’s dark or while the sun is going down. This will reduce the amount of people and animals around to stress out your pet.
  • Snakes should NEVER be released into the wild. This is illegal in most states and could also harm the environment.
  • Snakes are not meant to be walked on a leash. If you do choose to walk your snake, they should always have direct supervision. If the snake begins acting abnormally or seems distressed, bring it back indoors immediately.
  • Never allow children near snakes without an adult present. They could put themselves at risk of being bitten or injured.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the potential dangers that could occur if something goes wrong with your snake.

If you follow these tips, there may still be a risk that something could go wrong with your snake if they escape from their enclosure or become stressed out. It’s always important to be aware of your surroundings and the potential dangers that can occur when taking your pet outside.

Conclusion: You can take your snake outside, but shouldn’t

While you can probably take your snake outside legally, you should not. Snakes are not dogs, and they are more harmed than benefited by spending time outside.

Related Questions

Can I take my ball python out in public?

It’s probably legal to take your ball python out in public where you live, but you should not take them out for a walk. Snakes do not benefit from spending time outside and there are more cons than pros to taking your snake out in public.

Can you walk a pet snake?

No, you should not walk a pet snake. Snakes are solitary creatures and they do not enjoy being around people or other animals. When snakes are stressed, they may refuse to eat or become ill. If you can’t provide a safe environment for your snake inside, it’s best not to take them outside at all.

Can I take my ball python to the park?

You can take your ball python to the park, but you shouldn’t. You should take your ball python instead somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of people or animals, and you should always have them under direct supervision. If anything goes wrong, it’s important to be able to get them back inside quickly and safely. There are many dangers that can occur outside if something happens to your snake.

Can I take my corn snake outside?

You can take your corn snake outside, but you should be aware of the risks. Try to visit a place where there aren’t as many people and animals around, always have complete control of your snake, and take the same precautions with them that you would with other small children or pets. If it’s dark out or while the sun is going down, this will reduce the amount of people and animals around to stress out your pet.

Can I release my snake in the wild?

No, you should not release your snake into the wild. This is illegal in most states and could also harm the environment. Snakes are not meant to be walked on a leash and should never be released into the wild. If you are unable to care for your snake, please reach out to a local rescue or sanctuary.

Can my kids walk my pet snake?

No, children should never be allowed near snakes without adult supervision. Snakes can bite and injure children very easily, and it’s important to always be aware of the dangers that can occur if something goes wrong.

What should I do if my snake escapes?

If your snake escapes from their enclosure, try to remain calm. Do not try to catch the snake yourself – this could lead to being bitten or injured. Instead, keep an eye on the snake and call a professional immediately. It’s important to act quickly when dealing with an escaped pet.

What if my snake gets stressed?

If your snake is acting abnormally or seems distressed, bring it back inside immediately. If your pet becomes too stressed out and can’t calm themselves down, they may refuse to eat or become ill. Your best bet in this situation would be to consult a veterinarian.

What are the dangers of taking my snake outside?

The dangers of taking your snake outside can vary depending on where you live and what type of snake you have. Some potential dangers include being attacked by another animal, escaping and getting lost, being injured or killed in traffic, and contracting a disease from another animal. It’s important to be aware of the risks before taking your snake outside, and to take all necessary precautions.

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