Are Monkeys Loyal? Can Pet Monkeys Be Loyal To Humans?

A lot of people are curious about whether or not monkeys are loyal to humans. Are they? Do they love us? How do they react and feel about us as a species? These are all important questions that anyone who is even thinking of one day getting a pet monkey is considering, and they are … Read more

Where Do Pet Monkeys Poop? Here Are Your 5 Options…

There are some basics you must learn with any pet; what to feed them, how much to feed them, how much exercise do they need, and, of course, where do they poop? Monkeys are no different. Just because they may walk on two instead of four similar to us doesn’t mean they can simply go … Read more

What Happens to Pet Monkeys When They Grow Up?

The life of a pet monkey can be very different than that of an animal in the wild. A lot of people get pet monkeys because they are small and cute, but like with all things, before you know it, they will grow up and become adults, and suddenly these same people don’t think they … Read more