Do Snake Scales Grow Back? 6 Ways to Make Them Grow Quicker!

Accidents happen, we all know and understand that, and sometimes these acidents can cause irreversible damage, or at least that’s what you may be thinking. One issue with pet snakes that is more common than we like to think is the snake losing a few scales, whether that’s because they got stuck to something while … Read more

Do Snakes Have Brains? Facts That Will Surprise You, Probably

Snakes are mysterious animals, and we actually don’t know a lot about them when compared to other pets like dogs and cats, and this makes people wonder how intelligent snakes really are. Some people wonder if snakes even have brains at all. So, do snakes have brains? Snakes do have brains, all snakes do have … Read more

Do Snakes Have Lungs? Surprising Facts on How Snakes Breathe!

Have you ever looked at your snake and wondered how do they even breathe? Have you held your snake in your hand, put your finger close to their nostrils (bad idea,btw), and wondered why you can’t actually feel any air coming out? shouldn’t they be exhaling? Don’t tell me I’m alone in doing this and … Read more