Can a Kangal Be a House Dog?

Kangal dogs are known to be loyal and very protective of their territory which is why they were originally bred to be guard dogs for livestock on farms in Europe.

However, over the past years, more and more Americans have been considering getting a Kangal to be a house dog.

So, can a Kangal be a house dog? A Kangal can be a good house dog if they’re trained and provided with suitable living conditions. They’re highly active dogs so they need to have enough space to move around. They also need at least an hour of vigorous exercise or play-time every day as they can become destructive if they are bored or left alone for too long.

Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of Kangal dogs, what makes them good house dogs, and how to train them properly.

Where Do Kangal Dogs Come from?

kangal guarding house to answer can a kangal be a house dog

Kangal dogs originated in Turkey. They were bred by Turkish farmers to shepherd and protect life stock from predators in the countryside.

They are named after the Kangal District of Sivas in central Turkey and date as far back as the 12th century making them one of the oldest dog breeds with over 900 years old.

What Are the Main Characteristics of Kangal Dogs?

Kangal dogs are large, powerful dogs that can weigh from 70 up to 150 pounds. hey have long tails and stand about 28 inches at the shoulder. Despite their large size, these dogs are known to be very agile and they love being active.

They have a thick double coat of fur which can be black, white, brown, or any combination of the three. This thick coat of fur allows them to be comfortable in cold temperatures.

They are also highly intelligent and known for being loyal and protective of their family and territory. They can become aggressive if they feel threatened by other animals or people. They will start barking loudly and might even attack if they sense any danger nearby which makes them great guard dogs.

Can Kangal Dogs Be Good House Dogs?

Kangal dogs can make good house pets as long as they are trained properly and provided with appropriate living conditions. If you take proper care of your Kangal dog, it will be the most loving and loyal companion to you and your family.

How Much Space Do Kangals Need?

Kangals need to have enough space to move around as they love being active so you need to make sure you provide them with at least an hour of outdoor exercise or play-time every day.

They can become bored or depressed if they remain inside or are left alone for extended periods of time which can lead to destructive behavior that might escalate to aggression.

What Do Kangals Eat?

When it comes to their diet, kangals can be fed a variety of food including kibble, raw meat, and vegetables. You could consult with your veterinarian to get the best diet for your dog. It’s also important to make sure that they have plenty of freshwater to drink at all times.

How to Groom Kangal Dogs?

When it comes to grooming, kangals can be high maintenance. They have long dense coats that shed often which means you need to brush them daily or even twice a day if your dog is really active. You also need to make sure that their nails are trimmed regularly.

How to Train Kangal Dogs?

Kangals are intelligent dogs which makes them easy to train but you need to be patient and consistent.

They need to be socialized from a young age to prevent them from becoming aggressive which means you need to allow them to interact with a wide variety of animals, environments, smells, sounds, and people.

When you start the training is to establish yourself as the leader of the pack and make sure the kangas respect your authority. You also need to teach them basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and down.

Make sure to always reward them with treats and praise for good behavior and avoid punishing them harshly or excessively.

A good method of training kangals is using clicker training which uses a sound or a word that’s associated with the reward of giving food or getting attention from you. Once they start doing something right, then use the ‘click’ noise to signal it and give him/her praise and rewards after each successful task is completed.

This will help speed up their learning process significantly while making the whole experience fun for both of you

Related Questions

Can You Keep Kangal Dogs in an Apartment?

You can keep Kangal dogs in an apartment, however, it’s not recommended. That is because need to have enough space to move around. They also need to be exercised every day. If they remain in a small space for too long, they will become depressed and start acting out.

How Long Do Kangal Dogs Live for?

Kangal dogs can live for 12 and 14 years on average. They are generally healthy dogs but can be susceptible to some health problems like hip dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, Von Willebrand disease, bloat, and arthritis.

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