French Bulldog Puppy Checklist (WHAT YOU NEED)

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Thinking of getting a new furry friend? Chances that you will be opting for a French Bulldog are quite high.  The breed, after all, is once again the number one in terms of popularity. 

In many ways, the French Bulldog is the perfect pet. They are medium-sized, not too small or too big. They do not shed a lot and have an easy-going personality. You would be lucky to have a French Bulldog puppy since they are so adorable. 

Characteristic Features of French Bulldogs

To know the needs and requirements of your French Bulldog, it is important to know what kind of dog they are. Here are a few measures:

  • Physical Appearance

French Bulldogs are small to medium in size. They usually weigh just below 28 pounds and can achieve heights of 11 to 13 inches. Their square-shaped, wrinkled face with upright ears is the most notable aspect of their appearance. The head is large, with a lot of loose skin and a flattened nose. 

French Bulldogs have a smooth coat that can be fawn, beige, white, or black with markings on it. They do not shed much as well. 

  • Personality

Contrary to their tough appearance, French Bulldogs are the most lovable creatures. They are the perfect family dog as they play well with others, humans and animals alike. They are loyal, full of energy, docile, and very affectionate. French bulldogs are known for their gentle nature, and all these qualities combined make them a star breed. 

  • Maintenance

French Bulldogs require very minimal upkeep. Their fur is smooth and short and does not need to be combed regularly. They do not shed and are a resilient breed, meaning less time spent cleaning the fur and fewer visits to the vet. 

What Does Your French Bulldog Puppy Need?

Hopefully, now you know the kind of breed you are dealing with and, as a result, their requirements. French Bulldog puppies need all the basic things that any puppy needs. Below is a comprehensive guide that you will find useful:

  • A Loving Environment

Dogs need love, care, and nurturing. The need for validation among dogs is the greatest when they are puppies. Ensure you are fully prepared to take care of your French Bulldog before you bring it home. 

Prep yourself by teaching how to act and behave with a puppy. Make your puppy feel welcomed at home by having their space ready. Get a comfortable bed for your French Bulldog puppy so they can also have some personal space. 

  • Make Your Home Safe for the Puppy

While the home is a safe space, for a puppy who has not lived inside a home, you will need to put in place extra precautions; much like you child-proof a house, you need to ensure that you keep your puppy away from potential dangers present in the house. 

You will have to install small doors to prevent your French Bulldog puppy from entering areas that or not safe for them, like the kitchen or the stairs.

Cover electrical switches and keep toxic substances, like cleaning materials, well out of reach of your puppy. Dogs are inquisitive creatures who inspect their surroundings, even if it is to their detriment.

You can check out our full guide to all the questions you need to ask before welcoming a puppy home here.

  • Buy a Dog Crate

Dog crates are very useful. It may seem a little inhumane to lock your puppy in a crate, but crate training is important, and spending some time inside a crate benefits your dog. For starters, by keeping your dog locked in, you are ensuring their safety. They cannot get hurt or injured when they are protected by a strong cage. 

Choosing the right crate is key. It should be a suitable size, not too big or too small. A crate provides a comfortable enclosed environment which makes your puppy feel safe and secure. It is best to start crate training immediately.

  • Start Socialization Early

If you have other pets, especially larger ones, you may have to keep them away from your puppy, at least initially. Introduce them to one another slowly so your puppy is not too anxious when familiarizing them with other pets. The same goes for little kids. It is hard to predict how kids and other pets will react towards your puppy, so the best course of action is to proceed with caution. 

Once familiarity is gained and your puppy becomes less stressed in social situations, you can get them to socialize outside the house. Take them outside to meet new people and pets. Early socialization is optimal for development in dogs. The good thing is French Bulldogs are known for their good behavior. They do not bark often, so they are much easier to control when you take them outside. 

  • Get a Vet Appointment in Advance

Getting a vet appointment can be a hassle. It can take quite some time unless it is an emergency. Book an appointment for as soon as your puppy arrives so you can get them checked immediately. This will help you get them on their vaccination program immediately and that is always desirable. 

  • Shop for Accessories, Food, and Other Essentials

To prevent panic runs to the mall or the grocery store, it is ideal that you make a list of all the things your puppy needs so you can buy them beforehand. Among accessories, you will have to get your dog’s bed and crate and a collar and leash. 

Feeding bowls, grooming tools, and toys are among other essential items that you will need. As for food, it is best to do your research. Puppies should be given mostly wet food that is easy to chew and digest. Consult a vet or someone with experience with French Bulldogs to get dog food recommendations. 

Being Prepared

Preparation for your French Bulldog puppy has less to do with the things you buy and the material comforts you can provide and more to do with your attitude. You must be ready to become a full-time caregiver, just like when you welcome a newborn into your life.

It is the tender love and support that you can give them at the beginning of their life that will enable your puppy to grow up in a stable and loving home. Over time your puppy will learn how to behave and become more relaxed in their surroundings. Your effort at assimilating your puppy will eventually pay off and all the hard work will be worth it when your puppy reciprocates the affection you give them. 

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