15 Questions to Ask When Buying a Puppy on Craigslist

Getting a dog is not an easy process whether you are going to adopt or buy but of course in the end it’s going to be worth all the trouble.

One of the most known ways of adopting or buying a puppy is Craigslist, the only problem is that buying a puppy on this website can be full of scams when it comes to buying a puppy so you have to be careful and know what you are doing.

When buying a puppy on Craigslist, you have to ask some questions so you can know if it’s a scam or not and to know the pup better as well.

So, what questions should you ask when buying a puppy on Craigslist?

Here is what you should ask:

  1. How old are the puppies?
  2. Have the puppies had any vaccinations?
  3. What do they do with other dogs?
  4. Can they be left alone?
  5. How do they do in a kennel?
  6. Are they kid-friendly?
  7. Are they okay around strangers?
  8. How much exercise do they need?
  9. Have they had any obedience training?
  10. Are they vocal?
  11. Do they have any health issues or allergies?
  12. Are they up to date on shots?
  13. Have they had any accidents?
  14. How do they act around strangers?
  15. Is the puppy kennel club registered?

There is still a lot more to that subject, keep reading if you want to learn more about the process and what you should avoid and look out for.

Is it safe to buy a puppy on Craigslist?

craigslist to show what questions to ask when buying a puppy on craigslist

It’s better if you adopt a puppy on Craigslist instead of buying one, selling pets on Craigslist is against the website’s policy, and you shouldn’t buy one because selling pets on the website is often a scam.

The breeders who sell puppies on Craigslist are irresponsible and breed the puppies horribly because they don’t take the time to do the proper research so the puppies usually suffer from diseases and disabilities so you have to see their health clearances and one for their parents as well.

However, adopting a dog on Craigslist can easily work because it’s more reliable and safe. Some shelters and rescue groups list some of their dogs on Craigslist to have a wider range of adopters and the listing will direct you to their website so the whole process is planned and secure.

You can also adopt puppies directly from their current owners because the adoption of some rescue groups can be a long process and a little complicated, they will require home visits, proof of income, and they can be very selective as well, for example, they might require a house with a backyard.     

Popular puppy scams and how to recognize them

The most popular puppy scam is the purebreds puppies ads or posts, also, there are some people that list trendy or rare mixed breeds such as mini Australian shepherds or mini border collies, it’s the biggest scam of all and you should avoid it, they will ask for a price between $500 and more than $5,000.

If the first thing they mention is the price then it’s probably a scam as well because all they care about is your money and not giving this puppy a home “if there is a puppy in the first place.

Remember that a good and professional breeder has a really long waiting list and will not sell the puppies to the first person that approaches them, plus, a good breeder will charge you a lot of money for their puppy but it won’t be the first thing they ask about, the breeder should ask you about your lifestyle first.

How can you find a breeder online safely?

Ask the breeder as many questions as you want.

A good breeder that knows what he is doing will educate you about the dog and provide you with all the information you need.

Always ask the breeder to meet him in person or at least video chat with him.

Most scammers tend to avoid calls, video chatting, and meeting in person.

Get documentation of the puppy’s papers.

If the breeder hesitates to give you the papers, it’s a red flag, you should receive documentation of their papers, and the words American Kennel Club and the AKC should be visible on the papers.

Choose a breeder based on his reviews.

A breeder with lots of positive reviews is a great breeder, the reviews are proof of satisfied customers so before approaching a breeder, make sure to read his reviews.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask the breeder for a proof

A good and responsible breeder will have nothing to hide and will understand your concern. They will be happy to share with you the puppy’s information such as their health records, shot schedule, and information about the parents.

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Related Questions 

How do you know if you were getting scammed buying a puppy?

If you are buying a puppy you need to watch out for these things:

  • Only paying for the shipping
  • The price is too low
  • You can’t call the breeder and the only way of communication is by email
  • They increase the price after the deposit
  • If you knew about the dog from an ad
  • They sell different breeds
  •  If the pup has a tragic backstory. 
  • The photos of the dog are photos that can be found on multiple websites.
  • A different method for payment, for example, they ask for payment by gift cards 
  • Negotiable prices 
  • No refunds 
  • No warranties against health 
  • Paying through apps, they tend to use this method so you can’t get your money back

What should I know before buying a puppy on Craigslist?

Here is what you should do before buying a puppy on Craigslist:

  • Only pay with cash when you buy a puppy on Craigslist
  • Never pay before meeting the dog in person 
  • Ask lots of questions about the puppy and the parents before agreeing to meet them
  • You have to meet the dog before making any decision 
  • And, finally, you should take family members with you because it’s going to be their dog as well.

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